Dog is Best Friends with Little Boy With Down Syndrome

It is in our nature that we as human beings are a little selfish and ungrateful. But with dogs it is different, they are extraordinary creatures, they behave well and gently with humans.
You can’t find a better proof than the video below, it’s adorable.

Herman is a 5-year-old boy from Argentina and has Doun Syndrome and he always avoided physical interaction with other people, and some of the children ignored him.
But luckily the little boy found someone good to keep company with a soft Laborador Retriever they both formed an extraordinary bond.

In emotional filming, the dog carefully approaches the boy.
Dogs have amazing instincts and compassion for people who suffer. This Lab approaches and treats the child always so gently, as if telling the boy, “Don’t worry baby. I can feel what’s going on and I’m here for you.”

It’s amazing how the simplest gesture can have such a big impact. Man’s best friend teaches us what loyalty, friendship, and love really mean!

Watch the video below that has melted the hearts of many people around the world

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