Dog Her Dads Hand While He Drives and Turns Around To Rub It In

Everyone knows that dogs love their humans as much as, if not more than, we love them.

Their love is unconditional. So much so that, if their humans have treated them well, they’ll trust us almost blindly to keep them safe and to take care of them. It’s only when they’ve had a bad experience with humans that they’ll turn their backs or be fearful of us.

Jacob and Carissa’s Golden Retriever, Lucy, is one funny, cheeky dog. She loves to play naughty pranks on her parents, and doesn’t even shy away from giving victorious smirks when she gets her way!

In this funny video shot by Carissa from the back seat of the car, we see Lucy in the passenger seat next to her father. Dad Jacob is busy driving when Lucy decides it’s time to hold his hand. As a cute baby, she pulls her father’s hands out of the direction and lovingly holds them with a kiss.

In a delightful funny act, she returns to her mother and gives her the most ridiculous triumphant smile ever. Mom bursts into laughter as she realizes that miserable Lucy is teasing her about losing her dad’s love!

It’s so sweet to see such a happy poem – it just warms the heart basically.
They are in many different languages, and some people simply label their friends to make sure they get a smile on their face.


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