Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When His Family Got A New Puppy Without Asking Him First

Kevin is a Labradoodle who walks easily and lives a happy and comfortable life with his parents. He falls in love with the inseparable attention of his mom, Carleigh Johnson Stroup, and spends the rest of his day falling in love with his Dad.

However, Kevin’s life was in for a “cruel” surprise when his parents decided to adopt another adorable Labradoodle pup named Lyle. Kevin was horrified when he saw the black-coated Lyle prancing around him for the first time. He wore a hilarious why-did-you-do-this-to-me face as he furiously stared his parents down!

To make things worse, Lyle’s playful temperament was hardly compatible with Kevin’s laid-back demeanor. Kevin had a hard time getting used to Lyle’s animated presence around him. Lyle, on the other hand, absolutely adored his big brother and would never leave his side.

The coming weeks were difficult for Kevin. His heart sank every time he had to share his parents ’love with Lyle. Moreover, Kevin lost his space and had uninterrupted sleep after Lyle began harassing him to follow him all day.

But it was only a matter of time before Lyle admired his path to Kevin’s heart. Today, Kevin likes to be Lille’s big defensive brother and makes sure to keep him safe at all times. Sure it was a bumpy ride for this sweet pair, but we’re glad they did!

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