Dog Has Her First Work Day As A Ski Patrol Dog and He Liked so Much

The newest member of the Vail ski patrol is a 9-week-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Retriever named Cowgirl, who made her first day last Sunday and did “a fantastic job,” according to a Vail spokeswoman. , Hannah Dixon.

Cowgirl will have four other collaborators of the dog as she is introduced to the tasks and requirements of ski patrol life. Over the next two years, Cowgirl and human bearer Kori Landauer will be working towards Colorado certification Rapid Avalanche Deployment, but first comes its arrangement to work on one of the busiest ski mountains in America.

Recently, Cowgirl had her first day at work after successfully completing her training. She was thrilled at the visually appealing sights in the mountains, and spent a good amount of time taking in all the sensory delights around her!

Cowgirl impressed everyone with her skillful on the first day, and is already a favorite among staff and old patrol dogs. The little dog looks at everything in amazement with wide eyes! We wish Cowgirl the best of luck while running it. We are sure she will be the most delightful dog of the ski patrols around!


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