Dog finally find a new job in Post Office

Portree is a small sea-facing village located in Scotland that has been making quite the waves for its unique postal service staff. The village’s post office has recruited Jax, a Labrador-mix, as their “Official Stamp Licker”! Along with the title, Jax even has his own desk where he greets people every day!

Jax belongs to postmaster Ray Chandler, who thought that bringing Jax to work would be a good use of his friendly disposition. However, he had no idea that his sweet pooch would become a local favorite! Apart from licking stamps, Jax also greets visitors, accepts treats, and gives free hugs to people having a hard day! What a hardworking employee!

Jax has been serving the village as their reliable stamp licker for 2 years now. The slobbery worker has a mostly-spotless track record, but he does occasionally chew down the stamps in his excitement to do his best! However, none of the customers hold it against him, and always come back to him with more stamps!

With his unique profile, Jax has now become the beloved mascot of his little village! We think that licking stamps is a remarkably important skill and every post office should have their own stamp licking dog. Keep licking away, Jax!

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