Dog Becomes Jealous When the Owner Cares for the Cat

Everyone knows about the rivalry between cats and dogs. Some people love felines and others gravitate towards canines, while some people are equal opportunity animal lovers. However, there’s a dog named Daisy who is quickly capturing hearts and laughs on social media thanks to her jealousy of the family’s cat.

Daisy’s mom shared the video to YouTube where it’s taken off like wildfire. Every single time she attempts to dote on the cat or give it attention, Daisy has an affection breakdown.

Like many dogs who want all the love given to them, at first Daisy is a bit jealous over the cat. As her mom continues to pet and coo to the kitty, Daisy stops at nothing to break it up.

From body blocking to whining, eventually the Golden Retriever starts barking, pawing at, and jumping on her mom.

Finally the cat is fed up and leaps off his cat tower away from all the canine drama. In the final moments of the video, it seems like Daisy is actually smiling because she got rid of the cat temporarily!

Watch the laugh-inducing antics in the funny video below.

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