Dog Becomes Jealous When People Hug Without Him but He has a Plan

Golden Retriever is one of the most beloved dogs that every family wanted to have among them.
He is the type of dog that has very strong feelings, he is very attached to his close people.
He hates to be ignored or when people hug and don’t hug him.
In the video below we will see Charlie’s adorable jealous reaction when he sees his men hugging him.

He feels betrayed because no one called him for a hug but he thought something else seemed to be done the way he knows it, went and got in the middle of them with his head and created a haprisi between them.
The dog kisses them lovingly and begs them to let him be a part of the hug. They, out of love for the dog, surrender and take the dog among them and embrace everyone in the group.
Charlie is so happy and smiling that his tail hasn’t stopped for even 1 second.

Charlie now believes he is part of the package and that is why he is so in love with his family embracing them.
Studies have shown that embracing a dog is a great pleasure for these loyal beings.
Just like humans they feel the emotion of embracing and that makes them feel very happy.

Watch the video below and Charlies’ reaction when he gets jealous when he sees his close people seems to be embracing

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