Dog Always Wanted To Be A Daddy, now He Plays with His Newborn Puppy

Dogs are always very careful and protective of their loved ones and certainly instinctively makes them excellent feeders for their puppies. This Labrador in this video was very excited when his family introduced him for the first time to his little girl. He suddenly overcame a need to protect his little girl.

Over time he observed and ensured that his little puppy grew up as well as possible.
the little puppy knew her father was looking for her but she felt scared for him because she had time without meeting him.
So the family decided to stay together for a while.
over time the little puppy is finally coming out of its shell and now he wants to play with her father. The dog’s heart was very happy when he saw that his puppy is no longer scared, now he feels safe and wants to play with him.

It is very attractive to watch the babe-girl duet sharing their love through kisses and their tails between their legs.
After that day the dog started training his daughter, and to be a well-behaved and playful good girl, puppy is lucky to have such a great dad!
Click the video below to watch the papa dog and his daughter playing together!

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