Do you Need Pet Insurance?

Regardless of your income or financial situation, if you’re like most people, you’re likely not setting aside the funds to provide veterinary medical care for your dog in the event of illness or an emergency. Even if you do, sometimes the money gets used for other expenses such as a child’s college fund, home improvements, vacations, vehicle purchases and repairs.

Pet insurance is designed to help you deal with unexpected costs (and sometimes the preventive costs too) of that care, providing pet owners with financial support that can be used towards professional veterinary care and related medical costs.

Professional Care 

Today, veterinary care, like human healthcare, continues to advance. Veterinarians can treat virtually any condition or injury that a dog may incur in his lifetime, as long as the required treatment is provided early and quickly enough—and as long as the pet owner has the financial means to cover the cost of care.

Pet health insurance is a useful financial tool that:

-Protects you and your finances against unexpected medical costs.
-Ensures veterinarians can provide your pet with optimal care and the most advanced veterinary medical treatments.
-Prevents pet owners from having to make a financial decision to end a pet’s life due to their inability to pay for the needed treatments.
-Ensures a pet owner does not need to hesitate before taking a pet for veterinary treatment or wait until a condition worsens before feeling it’s worth the expense to visit their vet.
-Can cover the costs of routine and even preventive care if you can choose that kind of coverage.
-Assists you in helping your pet to live a healthier and sometimes longer life.

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