Dances with her “Best Dog” He Jumps In For A Thrilling Dance

Wedding festivities look like a distant dream in these hard times of social isolation. This is perhaps why celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson Devine’s wedding dance video with her dog has become so satisfying to watch right now!

Sarah, who married her dog trainer John Devine, took to the dance floor with her boyfriend Border Collie, Hero. The hero followed in his mother’s footsteps to perform an interpretation of the jaws of the iconic routine from the film Footloose. The pair had previously appeared on Got Talent of America, where they amazed viewers with their stunning actions!

In this startling video, we see Sara and Hero dancing to the optimistic song during the wedding. The freestyle dog count has been done brilliantly with lots of thigh jumps, generous spins and acrobatic poses!

Sarah later confessed that the dance was an unheard of moment and she was terribly nervous about performing the difficult routine with her densely massive dress! She felt that the Hero already knew this was her special day, so he went out all over to make it an unforgettable memory for her! The hero is our hero of the day!


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