Dad Going Out With Friends, Dog Waits All Night But There’s No Sign Of Dad

The people at beer giant Budweiser always want their patrons to stay safe by following the ethics of responsible drinking. Their sentiments are echoed in this 60-second commercial which focuses on getting home safely after drinking.

Titled “Friends Are Waiting”, this commercial features a man and his adorable dog through various stages of life. The man raises the dog from a puppy and both of them become inseparable buddies over time. One day, the man has to go hang out with his friends. He says, “See you later buddy”, and leaves the dog all alone at home.

When his dad isn’t home by nightfall, the lonely dog starts getting worried. The poor dog paces around in anticipation, and his anxiety grows by the hour when Dad is missing through the night. “Is Dad okay? Why isn’t he coming home?” – the dog loses sleep over his many nagging thoughts.

The ending of this commercial left us bawling our eyes out. See for yourself and experience the innocent dog’s emotions as he gets through the night. We all have our pets and families who lovingly wait for us to come home, and it’s indeed our responsibility to get home safe and sound. Thank you Budweiser for this heart-touching ad!

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