Cyclist Comes Across A Depressed Puppy Who Was Dumped In The Street

Eduardo was training with his cycling friends on a remote track in Brazil when one of his teammates took a flat tire. Eduardo withdrew to fix the tire when his eyes caught a sad puppy looking barely out of a corner of the road.

Eduardo asked how that poor dog survived in the vast desert land. He immediately decided to remove it and take it home. The other cyclists gladly welcomed the young player of the fluffy team and they fortunately resumed their training path!

Eduardo named the dog Warrior, and clutched him in his arms on the way back home. Warrior was so happy to be found that he snuggled with Eduardo with gratefulness all through the ride. He knew he wouldn’t be sad and lonely anymore!

Eduardo decided to feed Warrior until he found a home. The couple made many happy memories together in the following days. Soon, Eduardo took Warrior by sheltering with a loving family, where he would be pampered and banished with the love he deserved. All this because one tire decided to go flat! The fighter is really a lucky dog!

Click the video below to see the Happy Warrior on his happy bicycle journey after being found!

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