Clever Puppy “Plays Dead” When she Hears that her Owners want to take Her to the Vet

Going to the vet for dogs is much like us going to the doctor or dentist. Who really likes to go to those places anyway? Not me, that’s for sure!

Lulu the Shiba Inu can agree that a trip to the vet is no trip for a pup like her. Despite her distaste for the vet, she must go to her appointment because it is time for her to get spayed. But Lulu has other plans.

To avoid the vet, Lulu hilariously decides to play dead. She lies in bed with her eyes closed and pretends to be in a very deep sleep. No matter how many times her mom says her name, she doesn’t budge.

She is very sure to stay completely still, even while her mom pets her. Her mom eventually pulls the blanket off of her, which reveals Lulu’s silly sleeping position. But still, no movement! Lulu is “sound asleep.”

But Lulu’s human knows just the trick to get her to wake up. She mentions “treats” and grabs the treat bag. As soon as Lulu hears that, she pops right up and walks over to her mom for a treat.

You may be clever Lulu, but we know there’s no denying some delicious treats!

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