Chihuahua Every Night she Leaves the bed, So Mom Followed her and Find Where she Go

Everyone who cares about pets knows very well how fast they can relates with their babies. So Dane and her sister Chihuahua Kizzy have won our hearts for their special bond. See how tiny chihuahua goes and climbs on the back of the sister and lies down to sleep.

Mom didn’t feel safe because every night Kizzy disappeared from his bed. So one night she saw the empty bed again and decided to find out what was going on. it was not enough to find out, it was enough to leave the room and wait for Kizzy.

Kizzy has found another place to sleep comfortably, she goes and sleeps with her sister Dane on the ridge
It is very inspiring to see how dogs of different breeds make a very good friendship. We are grateful that Dane does not want to sleep on the Kizzyn.

From what we’ve seen my mom is happy that they sleep together and they don’t share that everyone goes to bed.

Click on the video below and see how beautifully they sleep together, its so cute.

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