Cat is Annoyed by the Barking of the Dog She Goes and Closes her Mouth to Him

It had been a while since Devon and his wife had rescued a 2-year-old Toy Poodle named Chazz.
The couple suspected that Chazz could bark a lot when they left for work, so they set up a security camera to monitor his actions as they left the house.

As they suspected as soon as they left Chazz climbed on the bed and started barking. But he seems to be barking only from one side, but for what reason? However, it didn’t last long as the cat Gray came in and stopped him from lightening.
Chazz is younger than Gray and his worries have constantly bothered Gray, and he decided to take things under control and calm down by letting them know who the boss is in this house.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you laugh, Gray turns around and checks before he leaves to see if Chazz will bark again. This makes Chazz release a small piece that made us laugh even more.

Click below and watch a scene hilarious between these two rivals! its is to funny.

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