Caring Puppy Brother Comfort His Sick Sister At The Vet

The Parvo virus is very dangerous, it shows no mercy at all to the dogs it touches, it is very contagious, so is the love between two German Shepherd puppies in the video that seems to have circulated on the internet.

The two puppies affected by Parvo were seen in the office of a veterinarian lying on a bed. The female dog is fixed on an intravenous line and her brother is always loyal to her.

The male dog make something like as a human, with his paw placed so gently on his sister’s neck he puts his head and head as if to tell her that I am always here for you.

As if he really knew that his sister was not feeling well and to comfort her he rubbed his head as much as from one side to the other.

We are proud to inform you that both dogs were completely healed and the video will remain as a memory for lovers when they are sick.

look at these moments that are so beautiful but also painful at the same time

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