Bulldogs make a big mes in the kitchen, Turn Green While Their Mom Goes Out

Yada Ornsomjit has two dogs who resemble The Incredible Hulk, the gigantic green superhero. The dynamic duo, two French Bulldogs named Dam-nam and Sai-Aua managed to figure out where their mom kept the food coloring.

When Yada came home and walked into her kitchen, the green mess was everywhere, but mostly all over the two troublemaker doggos. Since she forgot to close the kitchen door, the pups had a grand time investigating the powdery food coloring.

It appears they rolled in the stuff and caused quite a mess. Over on Rumble, Yada posted the video and said that she and her husband, “spent half a day washing them about three times but some parts of their bodies were still green.”

The green pups were tired but didn’t appear to realize what they did. We aren’t sure how the other dogs in the video managed to avoid the food coloring, but Dam-nam and Sai-Aua made up for it.

Watch their antics in the video below and be grateful you don’t have to clean this up. We bet Yada will keep that kitchen door closed from now on.


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