Brave Dog Saves Woman From Fire

Bubba the Boxer knew something wasn’t right so he bounded into his owner’s room “like a gorilla” in order to wake her up from a sound sleep. As Bubba raced from his favorite sleeping spot in the living room down to his mom’s bedroom, a fire had erupted in the kitchen.

As heavy smoke filled the air, Bubba only had a few moments to get his owner up and out of the home. The cause of the fire turned out to be an iPad that caught fire while being charged.

Laverne Dillon says her dog is a hero and she loves her brave boy very much. “He scared me, he came through that door like he was a gorilla,” she shared.

Dillon suffers a terminal disease that requires her to wear oxygen which could have caused a major explosion at any moment. Pasco County fire and rescue told the woman she is very fortunate.

“They said the chemicals alone would have filled the house, and if I had not woken up, I probably would have died in bed, and the tanks could have exploded,” she reported.

Though she cannot get to the Apple store nor afford a new iPad, she says she and her dog will be fine together without one.

“I may not know how long I have, but I am here with my dog and happy. I love him, and he loves me. He saved my life. My hero, that’s how I really feel about him. He’s my hero,” she quipped.

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