Boston Terrier, Child Friendly that raises Affection Level

The fun-seeking and even-keeled Boston flourishes with family time. Although lively, the Boston focuses on friendship and frolic, not marathon exercise sessions. He will enjoy a walk and playtime but won’t beg for extra long hikes or give a hoot about the size of your yard. The Boston usually adapts well to apartment living, neighbors will appreciate his generally non’barky nature. Sturdy, compact, and sporty, a Boston thrives in activities like rally, agility, fly-ball, and weight pulling. In the yard, most Bostons give joyful chase to small prey (remember, they have terrier genes!).

Bostons tend to be good-natured, playful dogs. For people who want a cheerful companion, the Boston can be great choice. Bostons generally get along well with other pets, even cats, especially if they are raised together. Because they have a sturdy build, Bostons are probably more tolerant of children compared with other small dogs. If children treat them well, the Boston really enjoys romping with kids. Most Bostons enjoy burying a bone under the pillow or in the flowerbed, but their favorite game is fetch.
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