Boomer is not ashamed of his big mess

Newfoundlands are a large breed classified as a working dog. The strong breed is rugged, handsome, and as fellow “Newfie” owners can attest, they can also be big goofballs!

Despite their large size, they are actually like kids at heart. Boomer the Newfie is an example of a clown who happens to have fur and walk on four paws.

“Boomer, who did this,” his owner says aloud, as her proud brown Newfie smiles at her.

Boomer had a fun time while his mom was away by tearing up her papers, knocking over the trash, chewing the end table, and showing no remorse for his actions.

As the camera pans around, we see there are two other dogs in the home but Boomer’s mom knows they aren’t responsible for the mess.

“Happy Friday to Mommy, she now knows you’re not ready to be left out,” his mom says aloud, followed by, “I wonder if the pound is open.”

He looks awfully happy “like yeah I did that so what”

We know she’s kidding, but you must see Boomer’s mess by pressing play on the video below.

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