Blind Senior Dog Gets Contact Lenses and Finally can See World Again

When a senior Pit Bull named Gremlin started losing her eyesight, life literally went dark for her pretty quick. She was taken for cataract surgery, but it backfired, and she became completely blind in one eye, and had negligible vision in the other. Here is a video of her walking into walls.

Her optical nerves could not sustain the surgery, so now, the blinded Gremlin was unable to walk around the house. She would often bump into walls, getting more depressed by the day.

Slowly, Gremlin stopped playing with her canine siblings. She would get startled by little noises, and, most of the time, she would just sit motionless in the corner.

Her parents couldn’t bear to see their playful dog wither away like that. So they consulted the doctor again. The doctor recommended a risky lens transplant. But, considering the earlier debacle, they didn’t want another surgery.

Finally, they decided to try human lenses for Gremlin. Although a crude idea, they wanted to try any safe way to make Gremlin happy again. With bated breaths, they ordered a high-powered lens and put it on Gremlin for the first time. Here’s the video of them putting in Gremlin’s contact lenses for the first time.

7Surprisingly, the trick worked! The moment when Gremlin sees her parents again is so heart-touching. With all her fears gone, she instantly transformed into the happy, fun-loving dog that she always was!

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