Best Harnesses for your dog

Harnesses are great because they prevent choking in dogs who like to pull on the leash. They can also offer more control over large dogs who tend to forget their size. The only problem is that there are so many harnesses to choose from. How do you know what’s best? This will vary depending on the breed and the personality of the individual dog, but below is a list of some of Modern Dog’s favourites.

Before we get started, here are our criteria for a good harness:

Safety: Our number one priority is pet safety. A good harness will take this into account and not choke, scratch, or injure your dog in any way.

Quality and Durability: Dogs, especially larger breeds, need strong, long-lasting products that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Comfort: There can be no argument here, your pup must be comfortable. Just like you wouldn’t wear uncomfortable clothing, your dog doesn’t want to wear an itchy, painful, or irritating harness.

Cost: Usually a cheap product is also made with cheap materials, but we also don’t want to spend more on our pets than we do on ourselves. A harness should be good quality, but also cost-effective.

Style: All the other criteria are necessary, but we also want to make sure our doggies are stylish too! For us to love a harness it has to not only feel good, but look good.

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