Bear Swims Just Like a Kid and Loves to Belly Flop into Pool

If you’re having a bad day, close your eyes and pose for a gorgeous, fuzzy, Grizzly Bear photo taking an epic hit in a home pool.
You can just watch this video and have fun with it.

This cut has the grace of an elephant as it climbs the steps of the pool and is thrown into the fresh blue water below. And that is killing me with adoration. I’m pretty sure he’s smiling when surfaces. Just a big old animal that has a summer outbreak.

Just look at that grin! Talk about all the feelings!

Gray bears are excellent swimmers. In their natural habitat, they are fish hunters among others.
They are also known to be very lively. Observed by many playing with sisters and other family members, it is not surprising that this big boy is having a good time.

Some things are just plain adorable and fun to watch. If this doesn’t give your mood a pick-me-up, you should probably check your pulse.

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