Baby’s First Crawl Going to Her Sister Labrador and She Give a Kiss Her

When the couple gave birth to their first daughter, Harper, they immediately believed they would fall in love unconditionally with their dog, Labrador Savanah.
The couple had raised Savanah since she was 10 weeks old and they had full confidence in her.
Harper had grown a little and Savanah became very vigilant about the location and safety of the baby.

The dog wanted her little sister to grow up well and she did everything in her power to help him.
In the video we will see 7-month-old Harper who is learning to crawl. Savanah boss that the baby needs power for her to come to her. Harper is very excited as he tries to get closer to Savanah. The family is surprised to see that Harper is actually dragging her first time

Savanah is very happy to see her human achievement and as a reward she gives her a sweet kiss on her little nose making the baby even happier. Harper is now a very lucky girl who has a big sister taking care of her, Labrador are the perfect dogs that can be associated with a child.

Watch the video below of Harper’s prey crawling to meet her older sister.

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