Baby hand feeds her Very Patient Australian Shepherd Some Dog Food

This is an absolutely precious moment as a loving baby hand feeds her very patient Australian Shepherd some dog food. The dog is so gentle and patiently waits, even when the toddler transfers his kibble into another bowl and spills a bunch onto the ground.

The dog in this video is Scout, a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd. He loves the company of his human baby sister and always keeps an eye on her when her parents are not around. The little girl has also grown to adore Scout with all her heart! These days, she tries to show her affection by trying to “hand-feed” him!

In the video below, we see a hungry Scout eagerly waiting for his food. But the toddler drags his bowl toward her and begins portioning his food in 2 bowls. She then picks up a handful of the dog food and lovingly feeds it to Scout! She spills most of the food on the floor, but Scout understands her love and never complains!

We are amazed at Scout’s patience as he gracefully waits for his sister to feed him another few pellets. Despite his hunger, he never jumps at the food or demands the toddler for more quantity. But when the baby spills some dog food on the floor, the smart Scout is quick to make his move and eats those pellets before the baby can grab them! What a cutie!

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