Animal shelter lack for space

The animal shelter is seeing a large number of people relinquishing their pets, which is causing the St. Joseph Animal Shelter to run out of cage space.

Jenna Keyes, the humane educator for the Animal Shelter, said they just can’t keep up with the demand for space.

“Animals that get adopted out, we get just as many through our doors right now so it’s kind of a game we play every day. Trying to get as many adopted out so we can make room for the new, incoming animals.

“A lot of rescue organizations we usually work with are facing similar situations as well so they’re not able to take in many of our animals, especially the dogs right now.

Thanks to funds the shelter recently received from the Bob Barker Foundation for the spaying and neutering of animals, the price to adopt a pet was already cut in half. Now to push even more people to adopt, the shelter is cutting adoption price even more.

“Friends from the shelter are helping us out and doing a half off special and that’s half off the already reduced price due to the Bob Barker Grant. So a lot of our animals will be at reduced rates.

Animals can vary in price depending on what kind of animal is adopted, how big it is and how many shots it has had. Keyes said now the price will be more approximate.

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