Adorable Dog Teach Baby to Jump

Families with a dog and a child know how beautiful they can be together. Chances are your pet family is always watching your little ones.
It is this close bond that makes the relationship between a dog and a baby so adorable. In one case, this proximity led to a dog accidentally teaching a child how to jump.

Alexis is now an expert jumper thanks to Day, but Day doesn’t even know it!

Day loves shadows and is ultimately enthralled by them. When Ally is in her jumper, her shadow is on the floor. Once Day notices it, she starts jumping at the shadow as it moves.

You will probably need to train your dog if they are not already, in order to control them when they are around the baby. This includes the basics, such as how to sit, stand and come, as well as the order to go away. This allows you to control their interactions with your child and hopefully keep to a minimum the stress levels in your pets.

Fortunately, baby Alexis and Dita seem to be doing very well. Looking at them you might even think they are two peas on a pod. Here is the adorable video of the Day that teaches Alexis to jump.

Check out this sweet duo in the video below:

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