A baby deer approaches a German Shepherd and He Begins Caring For An Orphaned Fawn

Some dogs shine when they’re given a job. And that’s just what happened to Sarge when he started caring for those who needed it most.

As a puppy, the now 9-year-old German shepherd dog was a bit of a grump, biting toes and chasing his siblings around the house. But everything changed when his mom brought home an orphaned fawn, named Buckwheat, found lying in the middle of the road.

It was Sarge’s owner who found the baby deer lying in the middle of the road alone. So she grabbed him and took him home. Sarge then took on the role of guardian. He ended up being the perfect grandfather for a frightened and lonely saw who needed someone to make him feel safe in life.

The two were inseparable and did everything together, but the time came for Buckwheat to be released back into the wild. When it came to Sarge’s replacement aspirations and self-denial, Mom’s phone started ringing from the blow. The German Shepherd now helps rehabilitate orphaned and injured fawns, and he is so happy every time a young man comes through the door!

It’s like Buckwheat again, every time a new fawn arrives. Sarge has such a soft spot for these babies and will help save so many lives in the end.

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